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Oracle Client Installation with .RSP file

I recently needed to deploy an Oracle client with an .RSP file I previously had generated. As I need to supply these files to a few of my other colleagues, I created this little PowerShell script in order to allow them to hit the script, enter in the location of the .RSP file and the rest of the Oracle installation bits, and have an idea about how far along the installer is.

I did this because when you silently deploy with a .RSP file, it was silent... Not a surprise to me, but I noticed people opening up taskmgr and just watching and waiting for oui.exe and setup.exe to collapse before they called it 'done.'

[String]$startupfolder=Get-Location $here=Get-Location $startupfolder=$startupfolder+'\' $responsefile=$startupfolder+'Oracle_12c_32bit_ODBCOnly.rsp' $setuplocation = $startupfolder+'client32\setup.exe' [String]$computernameFQDN=$env:COMPUTERNAME+'' if (Test-Path $responsefile) { Write-Host "Found our response file."…

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