SCCM Only Returns Some Results in a Query

Sometimes when you're using SCCM, it limits the number of rows of data that it will return. For instance, if you're writing a query that is based off of a specific program existing in Add/Remove Programs, you can press the "Values" button and get a list of all known values this field can contain.

In my environment, I typically always saw this list get truncated at right around where I was starting to find the program that I was actually looking for!

Simply throw the following into a .reg file and merge it into your registry and restart the console. (A computer restart shouldn't be necessary)

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00



Hope this helps someone out there, for it's made my life a lot easier!

Update: 2016/05/04 - This is confirmed working on the 2012 R2 console as well as 1511 and 1602 console installations!


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