Dell Warranty Report & Command Integration Suite

For those colleagues of mine who are a Dell shop that is running System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) for it's various benefits, I want to make sure that you all know about the fantastic Dell Warranty Tool that is provided in the Dell Command Integration Suite.

This little gem of a program will reach into your Configuration Manager database and pull out any known service tags for the computers that it is aware of. Once the program is able to read these service tags, it can then reach out into Dell-World and get the warranty status on all of the machines that are queried.

Having this data in your SCCM database is a great asset and comes in very handy when planning budgets or justifying the purchase of a new machine. The Dell Client Integration Suite also comes with the ability to integrate nicely with SSRS and put custom reports for warranty queries right in along side of your other default reports.

You can read more about the Dell Client Integration Suite and Warranty Tool here:

I'll be posting a few customized reports that I use in our environment to get a more concise report out of the tool. Stay tuned for more!


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